I don’t have internet access at home yet, I don’t have internet access at work… It’s killing me….because we don’t have net at work we’ve all used up all of our mobile internet… 

So I can’t write I can’t vent I can’t read what other fellow sufferers are going through, which really helps to make me feel connected I can’t read news I can’t read anything 

I can’t wait till the end of next week when I will get internet connection at home

I tried to get an usb stick internet but I won’t have it till tomorrow 

In the meantime my friend/lover is purposely trying to annoy me, so is my ex-husband and so is work

Yeah I am 4 days pre-menstrual, so PMDD-ing hard core… But still, it feels like I seriously want to smack someone’s head into the wall… At this point anyone’s head will do…

Work…. It’s so chaotic… Our jobs aren’t clearly defined…shite happens and we’re constantly having to stay longer, after hours… And honestly… I’ve been working with kids for over 11 years now, but at work there is this one, obviously the boss’s child that I literally do not know what to do with… He screams so hard, like no one I’ve ever heard before…and he throws himself on the floor and he doesn’t want to be touched or even get close to…and it’s ridiculously disruptive to the rest of the kids… Oh yeah and we’re paid crap…. And on one hand we (my friend and I, both psychologists, specialists in child development) we’re told that we are the experts and on the other hand we’re being stopped from getting stuff done because the boss lady likes to helicopter everything… All while her own kids are out of control 

I really liked her lots… Because she reminded me of me…when I started my own business…some 9 years ago..full of enthusiasm and ideas and what I didn’t have back then- capital. And we really seemed to click… I thought we had similar values when it came to education and chil rearing…and I know it’s super tough to start from zero, new business, people, advertising, employees, collaborators…. Yet I’m already exhausted…and disappointed…as I get the feeling a lot of it was just talk…

I don’t know…perhaps it’s just my hormones 

I’m tired… I should be focusing on the move, spending time with my boys…sorting stuff out, leaving the job at work…

Ex-hub is keen on having me out…he’a even helped me pack….

Friendlover I don’t know what his deal is, if it’s just my PMDD or better yet PMDD on top of the already emotional disregulation f lovely BPD, or if he’s really pulling away… I feel him distant.. Yesterday I promised we would spend time together but the boys wanted to cone over to the new home and their dad let them, even though it was technically his week… So obviously Friendlover wasn’t content…and decided that he needed his space last night 

I can’t possibly keep everyone happy 

I wanted to write about something else something positive that I discovered at work… Maybe tomorrow after I get new internet connection…. 


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