Thank you

Once again I don’t have much time to write or focus on myself during the week… 

It’s been quite a ride…. 2 days ago I found out that I have to move…as in my ex-husband decided to ignore our verbal agreement (luckily we have the important stuff very clearly described in the divorce papers) … I felt angy, like super angry, because the divorce was more or less civilized and peaceful and we agreed on lots of stuff verbally which he now says he doesn’t remember….

And then I felt panicky…scared… What am I going to do? How am I going to take the kids, what can I offer them, how am I going to explain that we have to move and how am I going to help them adjust and regulate through this change….?

Luckily I have a most wonderful friend that literally saved us by letting us move into her apartment, which is what we’re going to do very soon… She is a godsent and I don’t have enough words to thank her and her hubby for helping us

Also luckily the boys took it very well and they’re already calling that our new home and this one that we have to exit their daddy’s. More so, they happily started packing yesterday and are ready to move out. 

Thank you S&S for being such absolutely wonderful to us and saving us just when we needed it most 

I feel grateful, so thankful…and warm. I feel like we’re going to be ok, things will work out, life will be ok, I have great kids that have perspective thinking and are easily adaptable and wonderful truly wonderful friends 

Thank you 

We looked at the stars at night and saw meteorites… We were mindful and enjoyed the connection with the universe…


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