I want to remember

I am writing this cause I want to remember….

I had a really good week-end… yeah, there was a lot of sex involved.. a lot, but we had so many moments of just being… just being together..holding each other… and there was a lot of mindfulness..

Strange how mindfulness doesn’t have to mean that you’re siting on top of the mountain in the lotus with your eyes closed and perfectly straight back, focusing on your breath…

Funny how you can truly bring mindfulness into every day activities, into each moment.. I guess that should be the goal, the be mindful of everything that you do, to stay in the moment, whether you’re doing dishes or having sex, or reading a book or driving…

So I had that… I think it was the first time that I really focused on every stroke, and how each movement, each touch really made me feel, on the way we both breathed… and it felt good, really free, being in the moment was good, was great 🙂

and not worrying about what might happen or not happen after this week-end was good, just staying in the moment… we knew we didn’t have too much time together, so we really made the most of it, just sharing little moments of life… waking up early and enjoying the morning sun, wandering on the hills..

I think what I really appreciate is that he’s not putting any pressure on me, and he’s really there for me, always has been

This week-end was beautiful and I don’t want to forget how I felt… I was happy…  (*thank you darling*)

We did almost everything they talk about in this article mindful sex


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